Bennett Simpson Bernie yuck

Michaela Eichwald Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!

Michaela Eichwald Bernie!

Michaela Eichwald Bernie!

Bennett Simpson Gaaaak. No.

Michaela Eichwald You don’t have to be a woman to stand for a fair and feminist society, dear Bennett.

Tif Sigfrids BERNIE

Bennett Simpson Yeah. True. But I’m not a Bernie fan.

Bennett Simpson Sorry. Now I’m trolling. Unnecessary. Go michaela!

Michaela Eichwald I see Hillary and dislike her promptly

Michaela Eichwald together with the daughter maximum pain

Michaela Eichwald I cannot vote
so I can exaggerate even more. gruesome slimy liars

Michaela Eichwald I simply trust Bernie and think: this is what America needs… since ages

Bennett Simpson America needs lots of things, true. I’m put off by his grumpy man certainty, which leaves so much out.

Bennett Simpson But it’s hard to argue with belief.


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